Didgeridoo chakra cleansing

This didgeridoo workshop chakra cleansing is solely for clearing energetic and emotional stagnation in the energetic body. It will teach the participant to effectively clear out energetic and emotional stagnation from each of the 7 major energy centres of the body. You will be given a brief overview of the 7 chakras and the connection between the energy system and the physical body. Each didgeridoo key note will be used in the meditation to journey and reconnect the mind/body and allow you to journey with each chakra. You will be guided to focus on awareness on each chakra regions as they come into the corresponding meditation zone, so you can heighten your awareness of the energy centre and promote clearing while connecting with the energetic body.

Energy of the didgeridoo

There are 3 musical (traditional) instruments I find very effective in the frequency of healing -didgeridoo, drum and flute. The didgeridoo is the great spirit, the drum is the heart beat of mother earth and the flute is the spirit of the 4 winds. Each one can have the intention that drives the energy. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed and is the basic principal of both quantum and modem physics. It is the foundation of our inner power. In this meditation workshop you will be guided to redefine your role in co-creating your reality by manifestation and social/cultural roadblocks.

Didgeridoo mind-body connection

This workshop covers the power of the mind/body connection in this modern world and the traditional world we live in. It will give you an insight into the effects of the western lifestyle and how it impairs the mind/body connection from occurring effectively. This workshop will also help you to discover how negative emotions and energetic stagnation can create various blockages in different regions of the energetic and physical bodies which can in return lead to specific illnesses. Each one of us hold the key to the mind/body medicine and the mind/body power to heal our-self. In this workshop you will cover the importance of how to use meditation as a tool to clear blockages. You will be guided with a didgeridoo meditation.

Didgeridoo spiral of life energy

This workshop is based on the spiral of life. The universe, representing the family of creations, the present world we live and walk on as humans or two legged creatures, and Mother earth. Everything living is energy and moves from the universe through us and through Mother Earth. It can be called the figure 8. In this workshop you will be guided with a didgeridoo key note through meditation. Discover how to access information using your mind power.