Long ago, two sisters walked in fields of flowers. They discovered a tiny baby face in the petals of a flower and every day they watched it grow up. They nurtured the child and bestowed on it the knowledge they possessed of plants and animals and how to hunt for food. The child grew up to be Eagle-Hawk and at the end of his life, rose into the sky and became a bright red star. Many years ago, I visited an Aboriginal healer at his home. When i was there I noticed he had a beautiful large flower growing in his garden. When I returned home I quickly painted this beautiful flower. However, something seemed to be missing from this painting and I put it aside. it was only later that I realized what it meant and the pieces of the puzzle began to fit. The flower was a gift, in return for friendship I had given. This painting is my gift to all the beautiful people who raise their children without any support. Everything that you do will fit in place somewhere in your journey.